Sunday, 21 February 2010

The longest Ibex 4x4... in The World

I know the F8 is our new thing but we still build the old one too...

This is our longest ever 4x4 with a 4m wheelbase. The pictures show it about to leave for the paint shop. When it comes back it will be fitted with a 11' x 6' aluminium drop-side body and 2.4TDCi powertrain, hence the power bulge.

Maximising payload with a 3500kg GVW is our target so 4x4 instead of 6x6. The chassis has also been specially lightend to save valuable kg.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Nice Wheels!

15" wide tyres might be a bit over the top for standard fitment but I like them.

After a few trial engine/transmission installations it is time for final build. Engine and gearbox mounts are bolt on which, combined with the open front end makes for very easy engine installation.

The frame is constructed from 350 yield mild steel which is hot-dip galvanised in a single operation. Zinc covers the whole of the structure, both inside and outside box sections, providing maximum anti-corrosion protection. Protection consists of pure zinc on the outer surface (which will ultimately form a zinc oxide layer) and a zinc-iron alloy at the interface with the steel.

The picture shows the galvanised steel frame ready to be clad in its aluminium skin. Body panels are constructed from marine quality aluminium alloy with a thickness of 1.5mm throughout.