Sunday, 31 January 2010

Building the first prototypes and hoping it ends up looking like the CAD data!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Happy New Year

The first update for 2010 is long overdue so I thought I would let you know about the latest developments that have been keeping me quiet lately.

We have been fortunate enough to benefit from highly capable automotive industry tools and expertese in the F8 development process. High performance Stress Analysis software has been used to carry out structural FEA (Finite Element Analysis) on the Ibex chassis CAD model. Coincidently, physical durability testing has been carried out on prototype chassis. FEA provides a stress plot of the structure as a whole, identifying areas of significant strain energy. As well as providing a very useful measure of durability, the physical testing has provided correlation with the FEA and demonstrates the accuracy of the CAE model.

The result is an accurate CAE model of the structure which can be used to predict the impact of design modifications.

Creating a model of this quality is by no means a simple task and the accuracy is very much determined by the skill of the experts who specialise in this subject. A big thank you goes out to the team.

More information and pictures of the development to follow shortly...